From the nouveau-gypsies to the bohemian clubbers; these are the ones she asks to close their eyes, open their hearts and feel the love — the Mimi Love. Influenced by the the world and
people around her, her sound is electronically nomadic, and whether flaunting a hypnotic kind of pop sound or bending tempos to bring people back to earth, it always arrives with big feelings and a sincere view. This is house music for dancers who love to dance, and lovers who love to love. It all began in her second home; the iconic setting of Berlin’s Bar25. Here she played dreamy downbeat disco with her long-formed collection of special and often rare music. Soon though, the ‘four-on-the-floor’ sound the bar was known for seduced her, and with this new romance on her shoulder and a myriad of number one fans urging her on, the name Mimi Love took off into ouer-space. Today she journeys Europe, America, and The Pacific, despite her feet being solidly planted in the ripe Berlin soil. From her residency at Katerblau, her deep association with the Bachstelzen Collective and her tearinducing sets at the utopic Garbicz and Fusion Festivals among others, Mimi Love is never far away from playing her special kind of Love Sound to the cutest people around. If Mimi Love was a cocktail, she’d taste of exotic fruits from tiny islands with glittered sand. If she was a galaxy above, she’d shoot stars of disco dust. Even in her past, as she laced the hedonistic Berlin electronic rebellion with her stilt walking magic and hands-on carpentry for clubs, it was always stirred with beating emotion, a dash of lime and a tropical umbrella. Today however, she radiates her shiny inner-light into music. Universal fruits sound sweet in the hands of Mimi Love, and her music creates dancers with her touch. Genres are just boxes — Mimi Love plays moods.